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Just as the name goes by, Bhumija Hair Oil is made from 100% natural ingredients sourced from the lap of nature. Oil means “sneha” (love) in Sanskrit; being saturated with oil is being soaked in love. Grandmother’s recipe and love poured into the making of this hair oil will not only care for your hair but will also bring the nice “champi” days back.

This homemade hair growth oil aids relaxation and has numerous hair benefits. Shoonyaakar as a brand ensures that the oil is free of chemicals and mineral oils.

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My hectic life had made it almost impossible for me to take care of my hair. Due to that, I was losing a lot of hair. After using Bhumija Hair Oil from ShoonyaKar, I can say that my hair has got back its nourishment and strength. They are soft and shiny. It is the best cold-pressed oil for hair you can find. The delivery is quick and the payments are also secure.

Dhruv thakkar

A nice head massage with Shoonyaakar’s Bhumija Hair Oil from my mother after a long day relaxes and rejuvenates me. It is made from natural ingredients and is a traditional recipe for hair growth and nourishment. Chemical-free hair oil for healthy hair.

ankit vora

Shoonyaakar’s Bhumija Hair Oil is so good. I have been using this oil for a long time and I can say that it works wonders on you. I feel light and relaxed after getting a nice massage and it also repaired my damaged hair. It is completely natural and made using grandma's homemade recipe. 

sonal dahima


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