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Shoonyaakar Videos

Shoonyaakar Videos

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A very refreshing oil for massages
My whole family sits together and applies this oil almost every alternate day. It has become a fun activity for the whole family and we absolutely love the oil and the champi sessions. We all love the refreshing feeling after massages. It helps in relieving tension. A couple of my family members suffer from frequent headaches. We have noticed that after using this oil, it soothes the headache and gives a relaxing feeling.


I’ve been using bhumija hair oil for quite some time now and I must say I love it. The oil is non-sticky and easy to apply. I can notice regrowth in my hair. I massage my hair using this oil for 20 minutes and it penetrates deep into the scalp. It gives a relaxing feeling and I apply it right before going to bed.


I purchased bhumija hair oil recently. Whenever I apply it after a hectic day I feel relaxed. It gives a very relaxing feeling. I have also noticed that my dandruff has reduced after I started using it. I feel my scalp is cleaner.



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