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Shoonyaakar is a recollection of all that has gone into making what we are today, our genesis, how we have unravelled ourselves over the years and how we go on to misconstrue the same stories of ancestry today. With every product of the brand, we foreground a little bit of history that has been lost somewhere between the folds of unapologetic times, yet it is living in the strands of our memory. Each of our products behold a story from the past.

The name Shoonyaakar finds its roots in Sanskrit language; being a portmanteau of the words “shoonya” and “aakar”, it means making or creating something from a void that has existed; it may also mean changing the form of things that we already know and how we have known them. The word is an implication to assign a new meaning to the concepts that are hitherto known.

Extensive readings of history, culture and its evolution intrigued us and further led us to enquire how these concepts have metaorphosed in the due course of time and consequently redefined itself and those who follow it. However, what we are most fascinated by is the relevance of these bygone credos to a contemporary person. And thus we came to an intersection of the present with a former set of idealogies, still making it identifiable and personal.

We are intending to narrate stories of chance that surfaces the bizzare in the mundane and talks about everything that we have known and how we have derived at it. It’s a reimagination of the modern identity with all its cultural dynamism and weaving it all into one single fabric of an engaging narrative.

Shoonyaakar voices the blanketed stories of today within a historical context. We believe that the identities that we have acquired today somehow finds its roots back to a time of simplicity, nostalgia and quiet. When you buy a product from us, you stop to bethink all that is unnoticed and transient.

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