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About Us

Oil means “sneha” (love) in Sanskrit;
It entraps the essence of love and ancient science, together

Who we are

Khushboo Sharma is an engineer, entrepreneur and a mother of two delightful girls. Growing up, one of the fondest memories of Khushboo and her sister was getting a champi from her nani while listening to folktales. Her Nani would make her own ayurvedic hair oil at home, soak the girl’s hair with oil, massage their scalp and make 2 chotis. It was more than just taking care of their hair, it was a tradition.

Now, it is customary for Khushboo’s girls to apply hair oil 3 times a week and tie 2 chotis with Nani’s handmade oil. Habitual to nani’s homemade oil thrice a week with two pony-tails, it all changed when khushboo’s nani’s passed away during Covid. Losing a grandparent isn't just a relationship loss, but a part of childhood is lost with them. And a small part of that reflected up in the tradition of making and using family hair oil. Hopping from one product to another, the family never liked or settled on any alternative product available in the market. The disappointment for not having that simple ritual which they enjoyed since childhood was missing.

Khushboo’s take on the problem:

“After becoming accustomed to using 100% natural and homemade Hair oil made with Ayurvedic herbs and cold pressed oils, it really became difficult for me and my kids to shift to some other product. I, as a mother, would extensively research the product and its ingredients before trying it. Even after getting our hands on the most well-known products in the market, we would be disappointed by the added fragrances, chemicals, and sulphates. It would ruin the quality of hair. Disheartening was the after wash effect of the different hair oil that was used.”

Then, one fine day, khushboo received a package from her mother which had 5 litres of the nani’s same old magical hair oil along with the recipe. The recipe of the oil which was passed down across generations, was given to khusbhoo’s nani by her father who was an ayurvedic medicine supplier in the pre-independence era. A blessing in disguise as it was, Khushboo envisioned that every person out there should benefit from her nani’s oil. An oil which was made with care, detailed effort and an honest approach. She thus set out to build a brand which highlights the importance of ancient science that is effective and reliable.

Ayurveda for all

Khushboo noticed a lack of genuineness in the existing products. She believes that the market requires something that is 100% natural. Something that is backed by ancient science and made from the goodness of natural ayurvedic herbs. The traditional formulation of bhumija hair oil is done carefully in order to maintain the originality of the recipe. It promises to stimulate hair growth, and reduce hair fall & dandruff.

Nani as an inspiration to Shoonyaakar Ayurveda

To take nani’s legacy ahead, her recipe of hair oil made from 30 ayurvedic herbs was established under the name of Bhumija. The term Bhumija means “from earth”, which implies in bringing out the best of mother nature’s goodness for your self-care. Bhumija hair oil, a traditional formulation for hair care, is a 100% natural oil with a blend of 30 ayurvedic herbs and cold pressed oils, sourced from the lap of nature. It entraps the essence of love and ancient science, altogether.

Shoonyaakar Ayurveda as a brand, delivers products that are conceptualised from ancient science and are effective as well as reliable.

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