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Hair Care Habits

Hair Care Habits

How frequently have you walked out of your house complaining “it's a bad hair day”? Almost every week right? According to the Redbook poll, 74% women feel less confident on a bad hair day. It is obvious to state that people’s mood, confidence, and the way they perceive themselves, somehow relates to their appearance. So for that, it is important to understand that having healthy hair requires more than just monthly washes or treatments at the salon. It requires constant attention. Alterations in your daily routine is a must to attain the hair of your dreams as stress, nutrition, lifestyle all play a major role in determining hair growth. One other factor that plays an important role is the type of products that you use for your hair. In India, oiling is majorly practised as a part of hair care routine. Much emphasis is given on how beneficial oiling is for maintaining healthy hair. As we talk about the type of products, we believe in using something that is completely natural i.e., free from toxins. Many Indians believe in cooking oil by themselves using natural ingredients in their homes. The reason behind this is to procure a chemical free hair oil that would work more efficiently than other chemically produced oils available in the market. One such oil that is completely natural with no chemicals present is Bhumija hair oil, it is one of the best ayurvedic hair oils for hair growth.

So here are some habits that you could inculcate in your routine to avoid dull and damaged hair:

Table of Contents 

  1. Sulphate free shampoo
  2. Deep conditioning
  3. Brush wisely
  4. Oil massages
  5. Healthy hair diet
  6. Beat the heat
  7. Regular trims 
  • Sulphate free shampoo:
Shampoos that contain sulphate deprive your hair from its natural moisture. Using a sulphate free shampoo can help maintain pH level of the scalp, restore natural moisture, avoid breakage and dryness, and spurt hair growth. It would also provide a smooth texture to your hair. For all those with sensitive scalp, sulphate free shampoos are a great alternative to reduce inflammation and irritation.
  • Deep conditioning:
Conditioning your hair is a must if you have textured hair. It locks nourishment into the scalp and strands. It is important to understand that conditioner should be applied only for the recommended time period and not more than that as it could cause more damage than do any good. Deep conditioning promotes elasticity and adds shine.
  • Brush wisely:

Choosing an appropriate hair brush is necessary as it makes a huge difference for the quality and volume. It is recommended to use a brush with broad bristles as it reduces breakage and combats frizz. Hair care experts suggest brushing hair twice a day, and not more than that to avoid damage. To your surprise, brushing does more than that. When a brush is used gently, it helps in distributing the natural oils from the roots to the tips, giving a natural shine. Moreover, gentle brushing works as a mini massage which stimulates blood circulation and encourages hair growth. De Marco, a popular hair stylist, suggests that it is normal to shed 100 strands of hair per day. 

  • Oil massages:

Hair oil massage is a traditional technique used for strengthening hair and promoting growth. Application of hair oil every alternate day has abundant benefits such as nourishing hair, reduced hair fall, balancing pH levels, and protection against UV rays. It also helps in reversing premature greying, as it acts as a natural dye. Using paraben free hair oil is a must to enjoy the maximum benefit of oiling. 

  • Healthy hair diet:

 A rich diet consisting of fruits and vegetables is a great add-on to your hair health. Protein-rich food contributes to strength and shine. Nutritional diet and water consumption, together works wonders for hair growth and maintenance. One other way to balance the nutrition level is through the intake of vitamins designed specifically for your hair. Taking multivitamins is necessary as deficiency in Biotin and B12 can lead to hair loss. 

  • Beat the heat:

Hair treatments have always been a quick go-to for making your hair look good, but the heat damages your hair severely from within. Straightening, blow dry, rebounding, etc. are all such treatments that damage the hair follicles. High temperatures soak up the moisture which makes hair dry and brittle. Hence, such treatments should be avoided. On days when you can’t go without your tools, make sure to use a heat protectant spray.

  • Regular trims:

Almost every individual has made attempts to skip the salon appointment for a trim. To your surprise, not going for regular trims can further damage your hair in the form of breakage and split-ends. It is essential to get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks for healthier hair. Trimming also enhances the growth rate of hair. 

Hence it is important to understand that a healthy hair care routine is necessary to maintain and enhance the quality and volume of your hair. You as a consumer should be well informed about what you use for your hair. It is highly recommended that you use products which are made from natural ingredients. We here at shoonyaakar have just the right product for you. Bhumija hair oil, made with the goodness of 30 ayurvedic herbs that would fit perfectly in your hair care routine. A quick 20 minutes massage with this magical hair oil and you’re good to go. Get your hands on this chemical free hair oil today!

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