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How is Shoonyaakar's Bhumija Ayurvedic Hair Oil Different From Other Ayurvedic Hair Oils?

How is Shoonyaakar's Bhumija Ayurvedic Hair Oil Different From Other Ayurvedic Hair Oils?

Formulated through traditional methods, Bhumija hair oil is a 100% natural oil consisting of 30 pure ayurvedic herbs sourced right from nature. This ayurvedic hair oil is packed with nutrients that make your hair smooth and lustrous. Its beneficial properties work wonders on enhancing hair growth, reducing hair fall, and regulating dandruff. One of the most distinct features about this oil is the method of its formation. Using the route of a traditional formulation, Bhumija hair oil provides the goodness of several ayurvedic herbs such as mulethi, ashwagandha, amla, bhringraj, and much more, in the purest form. 

Let’s understand what a traditional formulation means. Traditionally used methods rule out the possibility of any chemicals in the oil. It simply means that the ingredients are cooked together without the presence of any external chemical oil. This chemical free hair oil serves the actual purpose of an oil and brings proven results. With a plethora of options available in the market, let's look at 4 reasons for why bhumija hair oil is different and a better alternative than other ayurvedic hair oils.


 The consistency of hair oils plays a huge role in defining how quickly the oil gets absorbed deep into the scalp. Considering and comparing the consistency of other ayurvedic hair oils with Bhumija, other oils are usually of thicker density. A thicker density makes it difficult for the oil to penetrate in the scalp. While bhumija hair oil’s consistency is comparatively lighter because of the presence of cold-pressed oils, it becomes very easy to apply and it reaches each hair follicle effectively. Light hair oil’s have a smaller molecular composition that easily penetrates deeply, while other oils just deposit on hair making the scalp greasy. 

Added Colours:

 You might not be aware but more than 90% of ayurvedic oils in the market have added colours to them. Adding colours to the oil increases the presence of chemicals and additional silicone substances that ruins the quality of hair and oil, both. In the case of Bhumija, the colour of the oil is naturally extracted as a result of the added herbs and traditional formulation. The natural colour might change overtime because of the herbs, but the efficacy remains the same. This ancient ayurveda traditional hair oil brings to you the best of nature. 

Mineral Oils:

The presence of mineral oils in your hair oil creates a huge difference. Mineral oil is proven to be bad for your scalp as it creates build up on the scalp and makes it hard for the hair oil to penetrate. The ayurvedic hair oils present in the market usually have mineral oils added to them, while that is not the case with Bhumija. Bhumija ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth is completely free of mineral and chemical oils. The oil comprises herbs and cold-pressed oils sourced from nature. Adding mineral oil increases the shelf-life of oils but it is essential to understand that it is proven to be harmful for the quality of hair. In the long run, the quality of hair can really deteriorate because of the presence of mineral oils. 

Added Silicons: 

You might be wondering why you suffer from excessive hair loss even after regular oiling? The reason behind this is that your oil has added silicons to it. Silicons restrict the oil to nourish your hair. It acts as a barrier and does not let the oil provide its nutrients. It builds up residue on the scalp, making it a host for several parasites. For a trustworthy hair care option, Bhumija hair oil is the solution. It is completely silicon and paraben free hair oil, and is suitable for all hair types.

          What makes Bhumija stand out from other oils is its homemade recipe. In India, it is usually seen that elderly people cook oil by themselves to get the most benefit out of it. They believe in home made products because of their proven results and lesser side-effects. This makes Bhumija hair oil completely free from any form of chemical oils and parabens, and provides the best hair massage experience. The tranquil smell of the oil hits notes of pure nature. The odour of Bhumija aims at providing a calm feeling that will make you feel stress-free upon its usage. 

            Shoonyaakar Ayurveda believes in promoting oiling as a routine, unlike other oils that guarantee results in just one night. We believe that you apply oil twice or thrice to get the best results and discard the notion of overnight magic. This ancient ayurveda traditional hair oil will help you combat your hair problems by becoming your hair care solution. 

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